30 September 2009

Say A Prayer


Join me, won't you, in taking time today to pray for the repose of the souls of those slain by the Samoan and Indonesian earthquakes, to pray for their surviving family members, and to pray for the hurt and for those who lost their homes and livelihood.

29 September 2009

Veteran Paedophile Woody Champions Paedophile Polanski

Veteran paedophile Woody Allen joins Hollywood elite's call for US to drop extradition of Roman Polanski. It doesn't matter to Woody and Filmdom's Hi-Wattage Elite that Polanski had pled guilty to Polanski's having had sex with a thirteen year-old girl - and then fled the US before the court could pronounce sentence. But of course Hollywood's leftists insist on pillorying only the Roman Catholic church, because in their way of seeing the world priestly paedophilia is somehow worse, somehow far more diabolically influential, than the paedophilia of mere inconsequential Hollywood auteurs.

27 September 2009

Long Arm Of The Law Grabs Short Arm Bandit

Cinema director Roman Polanksi arrested in Switzerland, may be extradited to US on 1978 sex crime charge.

The Judas Pillar?

How much would you bet that some fundamentalist preacher declares that from among the Twelve Apostles pillars this collapsed one just had to be Judas?

16 September 2009

Horse Sense

Real-life rocket scientist Zoe Brain from Down Under comes up with another lovely marvel from the Wonderful World of Science & Nature, subcategory Horse Sense.

15 September 2009


In a post today on the Daily Dish Andrew Sullivan regales with this arresting tot of naïveté: “And what's so awful about a nuclear stand-off between Iran and Israel in the Middle East?” 

Let’s see: Israel has exported offensive arms, ammunition, rockets, warheads, mortars and such to how many countries that harbor and support “terrorists” and to how many terrorist groups? Umm, well, none that I know of. You know of any? 

Iran has exported arms, ammunition, rockets, warheads, mortars, and jihadis to innumerable jihadist wannabe theo-thugocracies in lands and states that harbor jihadis? Well, come to think of it, gee whiz, yes, it has. And have these clients of Iran’s weapons largesse ever used these Iranian weapons and munitions to commit indiscriminate mass-murder? Okay, so you tried to count all such instances and you ran out of fingers and toes - and red blood cells.

The recent meme that Iran’s development of nuclear weapons is desirable for Peace In Our Time In The Middle East - or that it's “livable-with” - because it will result merely in a WMD standoff between itself and Israel is exceedingly naïve.

An Iranian nuclear ICBM attack on Israel is not the prime danger because the mullahs aren't so completely stupid to invite upon themselves an annihilating Israeli nuclear counterstrike. The prime danger consists of Iran distributing nuclear weapons, or just enough radioactive glow-goodies to construct and detonate several dirty bombs in populus non-Moslem conurbations, to its jihadist clients - you know, those Hearts And Minds Democracy activists with the long, admirable record of restraining themselves from committing indiscriminate mass-murder all over the globe.

I love that old sign that I used to see posted in workplaces: THIMK! 

Vietnam: Gossip, Yes; Democracy, Well....

AP reports Vietnam blogger released by Communist government. 

Money quote One: “Earlier this year, the government tightened its rules for bloggers, requiring that they must restrict their writings to personal matters.” 

Money quote Two: “[P]olice told him they had evidence that he had violated Article 258 of Vietnam's penal code, which prohibits ‘abusing freedom and democracy to infringe on the interests of the state.’ " 

In Vietnam “freedom and democracy” mean that bloggers are allowed to gossip, but not to participate in their country’s “democracy.” Gee, a couple hundred thousand boat people couldn’t have been wrong, could they?



Pakistan Diversion Of US Military Aid

BBC News reports former Pakistan president Pervez Musharraf admitting that Pakistan diverted US military aid, intended to help Pakistan fight the Taliban, to bolster Pakistani forces along the wrong frontier - the one Pakistan shares with India.

Money quote: “In the past, Pakistan's army has dismissed claims that aid from the US had been misappropriated."

As if that's the first clue anyone's had to Pakistan having repeatedly fleeced the US and played the US for the fool. See my earlier post about General Petraeus' recent military aid giveaway bonanza visit to Pakistan.

Remember that old folk song? - "When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?"

13 September 2009

You Lie, Lie, Lie

Been thinking about Joe Wilson's rude "You lie" heckle of President Obama. Methinks Wilson's ejaculation concealed a certain truth, which is that all politicians lie. I don't trust any of them. Never have. Never shall.

Wilson should have aptly cried out: "We lie." As in George W. Bush's "We do not torture." As in Barack Obama's mendacity of "transparency." As in Bill Clinton's "I did not have sex with that woman." As in George H.W. Bush's "No new taxes."

I could go on, but there's not enough space in cyberspace for the full litany of politicians' falsehoods, deceptions, deceits, and plain old baldfaced lies.

Next time you and I and all of we the people vote politicians into power, bear that in mind.

It Came From Beyond the Lockerbie Bomber Release

The Times reports Britain's elite SAS soldiers are training Libyan forces - yes, you heard it correctly: Libyan forces. The same Libya, under the the heel of the same He Of The Name Of Multitudinous Spellings (Qaddafi, Gaddafi, Khaddafy, ad nauseam), that supplied the IRA with explosives, arms, and ammunition which the IRA used indiscriminately to murder innocents, the same Libya to which the Scottish Chief Justice freed the convicted Libyan Lockerbie bomber from his life sentence.

Money Quote: 

“Robin Horsfall, a former SAS soldier who took part in the breaking of the Iranian Embassy siege in 1980 and fought the IRA in Northern Ireland, told the newspaper: 'There is a long list of British soldiers who have died because of Gaddafi funding terrorists. The SAS is being ordered to do something it knows is morally wrong.’ ”

11 September 2009

The Democracies' Moral Obligation

Lest we remember wrongly, it was Moslems who on 11 September 2001 used the Koran to arrogate to themselves the temporal power to mass-murder.

We in the US, and in other democracies, now enjoy far fewer liberties than we had enjoyed on 10 September 2001. Each one of us lives under siege; we live now, on our own soil, with the curbed mentality of the besieged, because our leaders shrank from what needed to have been done for us to have refused to live under Islam’s siege. Why? Because our leaders have capitulated to the Moslem's age-old war aim of circumscribing and shrinking our liberties, to the Moslem aim of hobbling our economy, to the Moslem aim of holding ourselves hostage to Islam in the Long War which our leaders need not have chosen to announce or to have mistaken to have committed us to prosecuting…the long, hard way - which affords no relief from Islam's siege, no decisive victory over Islam. 

How have our leaders chosen the long, hard way? They have failed utterly to notice that Islam and its bloody holy book have been responsible for every one of more than 13,000 Moslem terror attacks since 9/11, and for all the innumerable such attacks before that date - all the ceaseless Moslem attacks going back 1400 years to Mohammed’s arrogant pitiless campaigns of conquest and subjugation. Our leaders have talked round and round, and round and round, even exceeded themselves in their platitudinous zeal to not see - to simply not see - Islam at its boa constrictor's lethal work in any outrage, any violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and of international law, as they have lied outright that “Islam is a religion of peace.” 

Islam is not now, and it has never been a religion; and it has had nothing to do with peace. Islam is not a religion, it’s a comprehensive tyranny which melds politics, economics, culture, social control, misogyny, homophobia of homicidal kind and first degree, indissoluble despotic patriarchy, and utter contempt for and perpetual aggression against all non-Moslems: it’s the only “religion” which divides arbitrarily the people of our planet into two antagonistic groups which, in the Koranic mind, shall be eternally at war until Islam subjugates all who do not espouse its cruel outright and its daily socio-politico-cultural violence. Our leaders have failed to act on the truth, which is that Islam is not a religion but is, of course, a comprehensive, implacable, aggressive tyranny - a means for Moslems to global dominion; and it is on this basis that our leaders ought to have recognized that the “War on Terror” is simply another campaign among the 1400-years’ long serial defenses which Islam has compelled the West to mount. Yes, this is a war against Islam because it is a war made by Islam, commanded by its prophet in its bloody holy book, on all the non-Moslems of the world. 

Our leaders failed to note that General Curtis E. Lemay was correct on two counts: 

One, “Since even small wars are cruel, we must fight them in such a way as to win them as quickly as possible….it’s a losing game for the stronger side to deliberately drag out conflict.” - especially, I point out, as the West mistakes to agree to go on funding with yet more oil money the enemy’s war against itself and its formerly free citizens; and especially, too, because the longer this defensive war continues, the more suffering and death will continue needlessly, avoidably. 

Two, “We should stop swatting flies and go after the manure pile.” 

Where is the manure pile? It's divided between two Islam-tyrannized lands beneath whose surface soil lies the vast preponderance of our planet’s crude oil stocks: Saudi Arabia and Iran. But instead having gone after the manure pile, our Western leaders have set us to the futile task - which does not qualify as a mission because a mission has a clear objective but a task is never-ending - of fanning the stench and swatting the flies that congregate upon it: the task of attacking by fruitless Whack-A-Mole method the expendable Moslem proxies whom Moslem leaders have been getting away with using to deflect responsibility from themselves, from the despots who head Moslem states, and from Islam’s intrinsic, implacable hostility and aggression. 

Moslem leaders have used oil money - the most massive transfer of wealth in world history - not to illuminate Moslems, not to alleviate Moslem suffering under Islam’s tyranny, not to spread that wealth among Moslems, but to prosecute sophisticated, comprehensive, relentless, implacable Koranic war against the US and all of the democracies. So much for the litanies of economic deprivation and Western “offenses” which Moslems love to recite ad nauseam to the media and to the UN - the latter having itself been suborned by Moslem oil money and Moslem states so that it’s become a travesty bent on choking human rights, wiping the Middle East’s solitary democracy - Israel - off the world map, and avoiding human responsibility. 

There is but one way to end the renewed aggressive Moslem proxy campaigns against genuine democracy and human rights, and that is for the West, with the US in leadership, to simply take over Saudi Arabia’s and Iran’s oil infrastructure, or to at least use the West’s matchless naval reach and power - turning the asymmetrical warfare around on the Moslems - to control global oil pricing and distribution.

This one sure way to end Moslem aggression way must incorporate the West’s control of oil and oil money into a program to simply provide enough from those profits to sustain the life of people - Moslems and non-Moslems alike - in the Saudi and Iranian despots’ lands, and to use the remainder to re-energize the West’s economy which has buckled gravely under the present Moslem assault upon it. This one way must also end Moslem immigration into democracies wherein Moslems use cunningly - and yet openly, with the dumb complaisance of Western leaders who ought to know and exemplify better - the democracies’ individual and collective liberties and jurisprudence not to advance not human rights but to impose Moslem sharia upon Westerners and, indeed, the people of the whole world. This one way must also incorporate US legislation making it illegal, with violations punishable by life imprisonment without possibility of parole, for US citizens and corporations or their paid foreign agents, to be in the employ, for any purpose, of any Moslem power, company, or individual: thus far along all that Moslem oil money has been suborning too, too many meretricious, disloyal Westerners to work for Islam in its renewed aggression against the US, against world history's prime spreader and defender of human rights.

With the US in control of Saudi and Iranian oil, Moslem aggression will wither immediately, dramatically and die on its own poison vine; and the rest of the world and the people in it can get peacefully on with progress in every admirable human endeavor - including the restoration in democracies, and the slow but sure establishment in states such as Red China, of liberties which the present Islamic siege have caused our leaders to have mistaken to surrender to Islam‘s deliberate depredations. With the US in control of oil, the US can charge lower, fair oil prices aimed at growing the economies of democracies - and even of still-Red China (which is a monodimensional political tyranny, unlike Islam's comprehensive tyranny) - to the loss of the feckless, indolent Moslem masses and their 1400-year history of fecklessness and indolence, and aggression and conquest. 

The war renewed in the two decades before and the eight years since the mass-murderous 9/11 attacks by Islam need not be the Long War that would inexorably bankrupt the democracies and leave them helpless before Islam’s pitiless sword and beneath its votaries‘ filthy sandals. It can and should be a very short war, yet our leaders have shown - along with Western academia’s and its mainstream media’s slavish connivance - that they lack the will to make the war short, and thus merciful to all people and, indeed, to our planet itself. 

US takeover of Saudi and Iranian oil would not be immoral. Quite the contrary: it would be the exemplary moral objective the US could, and should, aspire to and attain.

How would it be moral? First, it would end Moslem warmaking on every level: the suicide bombers would disappear; the sixty-plus years long Moslem war making against Israel would end for Moslem want of oil money-funded arms - Hamas, Fatah, Hezbollah would, for want of oil money, lose their venomous power; other, smaller-time oil despots, such as Venezuela’s contemptible Hugo Chavez, would be denied the gross immoral oil profits that fuel and prolong their dictatorships; Saudis and Iranians would live on adequate stipends dispensed by the US out of oil profits (though I expect that Iranians would, on slenderer yet adequate means, make a go of it for themselves while the Saudis would remain as venal, indolent, and feckless as they‘ve been for centuries); millions of Indian, Filipino, and African wage-slaves to Moslems would be liberated from bondage in Moslem - especially in Arab - lands; Moslem aggression in Africa would end - the famines in Darfur and Ethiopia would become only a sore and necessary memory; Iran's mullahs would no longer have the money to develop nuclear weapons and ICBM's; Russia's nefarious energy clout in Europe would be rightly curbed; the West would be enabled to distribute far more economic, medical, and development aid to needy peoples in needy countries than it had already, and for long, been generously distributing; Moslems already resident in Western and other non-Moslem lands would cease to be radicalized by the Wahhabist and Salafist imams and mosques which Saudi Arabia has been blatantly funding with oil money extorted from the West and other countries; Red China’s oil-craven adventures in Africa would cease to be necessary for China’s leaders once US control of oil distribution lowers oil prices to affordable, non-extortionist levels; security and the cost of maintaining it against the present oil-fueled Moslem attacks would be relaxed at airports, train stations, ports, and public and private places all over the non-Moslem world - the people of the world would no longer live with a siege mentality because they‘d no longer be under Islamic siege or have to scrape by under Moslem economic dominance; and the industrious, creative people of the world - the non-Moslems, as history has amply taught - would afford to far more cheaply develop non-fossil fuel, cheap, perpetual energy sources.

These are moral goals which benefit the most people in the most affordable, least lethal, least harmful and most liberal and progressive way. And if the oil-expropriated, blockaded Moslems should decide, in the face of the oil money-starved defeat of Islam’s tyrannous aggression, to abandon their bloody holy book’s exhortative mission and murderous methods, decide to join the rest of the world’s people in the onward march of genuine liberty, justice, and progress, then so much the better. This is precisely the way - the thorough, genuinely liberal, moral way - in which the Western Allies defeated the Axis powers and nurtured their rejoining the onward march of genuine civilization. Why have our leaders now shrunk from this shining exemplar of Western democracies' history? 

Let me quote a line from the film Lawrence Of Arabia, a line which the West’s leaders ought to heed: “Aqaba is over there. It is only a matter of going.”

Ridding the world of Islam’s medievalism, slavery and aggression is only a matter of going. For us Western citizens to let the West's leaders go on choosing to not go, to let them continue to deplete the West's shrinking economic and human resources in the costly, bloody, futile Whack-A-Mole Long War that they've so far mistaken to prosecute, is the immoral way. To choose to go, to choose the shortest, cheapest, least harmful, and most generous global way to defeat Islam once and for all, is the only moral way.

09 September 2009

My Favorite Fire-Breather


My favorite and, quite possibly, the only honest-to-goodness, fire-breathing woman thinker of our time - maybe the only thinker of our time, Camille Paglia:

“Independent thought and logical analysis of argument are no longer taught. Elite education in the U.S. has become a frenetic assembly line of...schools where ideological brainwashing is so pandemic that it's invisible. The top schools, from the Ivy League on down, promote ‘critical thinking,’ which sounds good but is in fact just a style of rote regurgitation of hackneyed approved terms ("racism, sexism, homophobia") when confronted with any social issue. The Democratic brain has been marinating so long in those clichés that it's positively pickled.” 

Read the whole thing.

07 September 2009

Ali and His Bottle Baby

Today's Times has groundbreaking news: “Alan Johnson, the Home Secretary, said: 'This case reaffirms that we face a real and serious threat from terrorism.' " 

Only from "terrorism" -but not from Moslems, not from Islam. No, the latter two would be (gasp!) racist profiling. 

“British-born [Abdulla Ahmed] Ali, of Walthamstow, was inspired by the July 7 bombers and Osama bin Laden and considered taking his baby son on his suicide mission.” 

Gosh, what a nice guy. Inspired by Londonistan’s 7/7 bombers and Osama bin Laden - but not, you know, by the Koran’s exhortations to Moslems to slay infidels? And, hey, bring the kiddies along for the Virgin Adventure flight! 

“Undercover officers looked on as the unemployed former shop worker used cash to purchase a £138,000 second-floor flat in Forest Road, Walthamstow.” 

No word from the Times about where, or whom, those 138,000 quid came from. Must have come from one of the usual suspects - fascist Christian extremists, or the BNP, or the English Defence League! 

And here’s a (yawn) surprise: “Police said the plot was drawn up in Pakistan with detailed instructions passed to Ali during frequent trips to its lawless border with Afghanistan.” 

Too bad General Petraeus hadn’t followed the trial when, a couple of weeks ago, he went to Pakistan to begin handing out $400-million in congressionally-voted military aid (while Social Security announces no cost-of-living raises for the next two years for disabled and senior Americans) to those straight-up, square-dealing Pakistani generals and ISI agents who’ve proven themselves to be such dependable, resolute, effective anti-”terrorist” leaders in the fight against al Qaida and the Taliban. 

“Counter-terrorist police, the security services and prosecutors spent more than £35 million foiling the plot and bringing Ali to justice.” 

Let's see, it cost the Moslems £138,000 to run the bomb plot, and just £35 million for the British to foil it. Yep, no doubt about it, the democracies are winning on the economic front of the GWOT - so on your way out of AIW today, be sure you buy your Victory Bonds!

The would-be bombers will be sentenced in a fortnight, or so. That couldn't mean that in about eight or nine years the British will release the convicts to Colonel Qaddafi (He of The Name of Multitudinous Spellings) for thirty more barrels of Libyan oil.

02 September 2009

George Will Gets It


It's not every day that not just one, but two of my posts beat George Will to the crux of foreign policy-become-blunder. Not bad, huh?

The US needs to get out of Afghanistan. Now.